Restaurant Dining

Villari Foods is pleased to provide an assortment of valuable business-building resources to help restaurants and other foodservice operators drive higher profits on the menu and increase customer satisfaction through the use of our value-added brands Never Ever, Pure Organic, and Smokehouse Crafted.


What’s on Your Plate?

Download the Villari Foods menu Matrix Tool to customize your menu and maximize your Profit per Plate. Your customers will appreciate the added  value of Never Ever premium Duroc heritage pork humanely raised without antibiotics by local family farmers. For a minimal increase in portion cost compared to conventional pork, featuring Never Ever on your menu in your opportunity to increase customer satisfaction and maximize your profit per Plate.

Learn About the Global Animal Partnership and Villari Foods’ Commitment to Animal Welfare

It is our responsibility to make certain each animal is treated with the utmost respect and care throughout every step of raising, transport and production. Our production facilities are Animal Welfare Approved.

What’s on Your Table?

Making sure the animal gets to its destination in a safe, stress-free manner is an overlooked, yet imperative, measure of overall animal well-being. Certified by the National Pork Board’s Transport Quality Assurance (TQA) Pork Checkoff program, drivers at Villari Brothers Trucking are trained to make certain each animal is properly cared for throughout the transportation process.

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