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Villari Pure

Pure, Organic, Delicious 

Villari Pure Organic line offers exceptional quality Duroc Heritage organic pork products, with unmatched flavor and tenderness and beautiful color and marbling. We source Pure Organic from family farms that raise their stock on an organic, vegetarian-fed diet, and never with any hormones or steroids, ever. That way you can be sure you’re getting all of the delicious meat you want, without any of the additives you don’t. Pure, Organic and always made in the USA, always delicious.

Not your average stock: Duroc Heritage Hogs

We’ve spent years researching the best line of genetics for our Pure Organic and Market lines. The Duroc Heritage stock that we source these products from boasts superior muscle quality and intramuscular fat (think marbling and flavor) as well as a greater than average water holding capacity that equates to more tenderness in each bite. Our Duroc Heritage hogs come from family-owned farms where they are raised on an organic, all-vegetarian diet in a natural environment. These hogs are not your average hogs and Villari Pure is not your average pork.

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