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Villari Market

A Difference You Can See and Taste

Villari Market line features our premium, Duroc Heritage pork products that are a cut above the rest. Sourced from local, family owned farms and raised on an all vegetarian diet, never with any antibiotics, steroids, or hormones – ever, the Villari Market product line boasts a difference you can see – and taste. Always made in the USA, always delicious.

Villari Market Marbling and Color

It’s common to associate marbling – the intramuscular fat seen in certain cuts of meat that boost flavor– with the quality of that cut of meat. What many don’t know, is that when it comes to pork, color is an equally important indicator for quality, as it indicates tenderness. The more vibrant the color, the more flavorful the meat. Villari Market premium products boast a vibrant reddish pink color and beautiful marbling for a flavor and tenderness that is unmatched. Now that you’ve seen the difference, give us a taste!

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