Hardwood Smoked

We have put nearly 100 years of artisan, hand-crafted experience producing quality meats into our newest line of bacon. Several years in the making, in search of the perfect bacon recipe, you can find us in stores in early 2020. Villari Bacon line is meticulously crafted and has been perfected over time with the highest quality pork, the perfect cuts, and the most attention to detail and flavor to ensure that every bite delivers on our Villari Family promise. Our bacon is naturally hardwood smoked for six hours and not a second less. We don’t cut any corners, and we don’t believe in using artificial smoke. No added steroids or hormones, you’ll only get pure, U.S.A. made, certified delicious bacon at Villari Foods. Whether you’re a crispy or chewy bacon lover, or thin or thick cut, you can be sure that our bacon will sizzle.

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