Our Commitment To


At Villari, we believe sustainability goes beyond caring for the environment. It’s also about taking care of people: employees, partners, and community. Charitable giving and community involvement all fall within the social sustainability category.

Our Sustainability Goals


Our commitment to sustainability goes far beyond caring for our planet, we are committed to empowering and strengthening the community around us.

Giving Back


Before our products ever hit the market, we're committed to using environmentally-responsible methods in our production process.

Animal Welfare


We're committed to protecting the planet and minimizing our impact on the environment through our daily operations.

What We're Doing

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

We have partnered with Carbon Cycle Energy, LLC (C2e) – a leading renewable energy development company – to utilize our feedstock and convert the biomethane gas into a sustainable energy source, providing energy for local communities.


Will be provided power annually, thanks to our partnership with C2e

Recycling Waste and Nutrients

Recycling animal waste is a way to promote sustainability across our business. When managed properly, animal waste can be a valuable nutrient-dense resource for our partnering farms.

At Villari Foods, we believe we have a moral responsibility to promote sustainability.

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