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At Villari Foods, all of our products – including fresh pork, smoked sausage, pork and poultry, Never Ever™ fresh pork and sausage raised without antibiotics, and Organic pork – are available for foodservice operations. We work with foodservice providers to help you find products that suit your menu and budget needs – and, that we’re certain will ensure satisfaction for your customers in all types of restaurants, as well as corporate dining operations, schools, colleges/universities, hospitals, long-term care and other health facilities. What’s more, we can craft products to meet specific needs you may have. Adding to the appeal of Villari products for today’s consumers, foodservice customers can be made aware that we work with local farm families.


The Perfect Choice for Profits by the Plate!

At Villari Foods, we know that today’s health, quality and environmentally conscious consumers care about what is – and isn’t – in their food, as well as where it comes from. Of course, they care about great taste. And they care enough to pay premium prices for menu items made with products that meet high standards.

Villari Brothers Never Ever™ pork is backed by our steadfast promise:

  • Humanely raised on local family farms
  • Raised without antibiotics … Ever!
  • No added hormones/growth promotants … Ever!
  • No steroids … Ever!
  • Fed an all-vegetarian diet … Always!
  • Gluten free … Naturally!

Our Never Ever™ line is American Humane Certified premium Duroc pork, raised without antibiotics. It ranks among the top 10% of all U.S. pork for tenderness. Providing the quality and healthier options your customers are looking for, these outstanding products are the perfect choice for menu items that generate significantly higher profits (and repeat business!). They’re ideal for all types of restaurants and foodservice operations, as well as retailers offering prepared entrées or complete meals.

Marketing & Merchandising Support

Our experienced, service-oriented sales staff can help you make the most of our Never Ever™ line for the customers you serve. With our Menu Marketing Strategy program, we can show you what your per-plate profits can be for specific menu offerings.

Superior Genetics

Villari Brothers premium line of Never Ever™ pork comes from Duroc heritage hogs – world-renowned for superior color, conformation and the muscle quality that produces the most tender, juiciest pork, with unparalleled taste and texture. More than two years of research and development to find the right genetics helped us create products that rank among the top 10% of all U.S. pork for tenderness.*

Humanely Raised on Local Family Farms

Our concern for animal welfare begins by working with farmers who take great pride in their operations. Animals are raised with greater oversight and better living conditions including natural, crate-free gestation, cleaner facilities, no overcrowding to reduce stress levels and proper nutrition with a natural, vegetarian diet. The Never Ever™ production program has received Certification from the American Humane Association. And, Villari Foods’ production facilities are also Animal Welfare Approved and SQF Level 2 Certified for food safety.

Product Availability

Adaptable for a wide range of recipes and center-plate menu options, the Never Ever™ product line includes fresh cuts, ground pork and sausage. We can also craft products to meet your specific customer or menu needs.

For more information on these premium pork products – and to learn how they can generate greater profits for your operation – contact us today!


*Based on the Newman National Benchmarking system; periodically tested using Warner-Bratzler Shear Force test.

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