Employee Referral Bonus

2022 Villari Foods Employee Referral Program

Sam Villari started Villari Foods in 1925 as a family-owned and operated business. A lot has changed over the last 95+ years but one thing has held true: the business’ success is the result of the contribution of stellar team members.

Many team members have come from referrals made by Villari employees. Referrals tend to be some of our very best, most loyal hires. It’s only natural that when someone joins the team as a referral, they already feel a close connection to the Villari Foods family. That’s why we’re asking you to refer people you know that will be a great fit for our growing team! Your help won’t go unnoticed. Read below to find out more about the new referral bonus you can earn for referring great hires to Villari Foods.

Who is eligible?

All Villari Foods employees, with the exception of those who are manager level and above or part of the Human Resources team, are eligible for the referral bonus. Generally, if you get a paycheck from Villari, then you are eligible.

How many referral bonuses can I get?

It’s unlimited! Effective starting NOW, you can earn this bonus for every hired team member that applies before 11:59pm ET on December 31, 2022. Depending on the success of this program, we may extend it beyond that date but, just in case, be sure to get as many referrals as possible before the initial December 31 cutoff.

How do you get started?

Try reaching out to friends, family, connections from school or previous jobs, etc. Use social media to post about the job opening. If someone is interested in the opportunity, ask them to submit an application for direct hire through the Villari Foods website or complete an application at the Human Resources office, 952 US Highway 117 South in Warsaw. Make sure they include your first and last name as the person that referred them. Without that, you won’t qualify for the bonus.

How does the referral bonus work?

For every referral of yours that is hired directly by Villari Foods, you qualify for a $300 bonus (minus taxes) when they successfully reach 90 days of employment. When your referral reaches their first employment anniversary (1 year) with Villari Foods, you will qualify for the $700 bonus (minus taxes)!

What qualifies as a referral?

To qualify as a referral and be eligible for the bonus, the following must be true:

  • Your first and last name must be included on the application; this cannot be added after the fact. If more than one name is listed as a referring team member, then the first full name listed will be considered as the referring employee.
  • You must be employed by Villari when your referral reaches their benchmark. Separation from Villari (voluntarily or involuntarily) will disqualify you from receiving the bonus.
  • The referral must come in the form of a direct hire at Villari Foods. This person cannot be hired by a staffing/temporary agency to work at Villari.
  • This bonus applies to any position within the organization that is filled by a direct hire.
  • The direct hiring of a referred employee must occur within 180 days (six months) of the initial referral date.
  • The referral must represent the candidate’s first contact with Villari Foods. Temporary, summer, contract, and former employees of Villari Foods are not eligible candidates for referral awards.

Any situations that are unclear will be escalated to Human Resources for decision. Villari Foods reserves the right to change or alter this employee referral program as needed.

Are referrals considered any differently?

Referrals will be given equal consideration as any other applicant. However, the application review process will be expedited for any referrals. A few other items to note:

  • Only candidates who meet the essential qualifications for the position will be considered.
  • All candidates will be evaluated for employment consistent with company policies and procedures.
  • All information regarding the hiring decision will remain strictly confidential.

Please note: This supersedes any other personal recruiting programs.

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