Never Ever™ Pork Receives GAP Certification

Villari Brothers is pleased to announce that their American Humane Certified Never Ever™ Pork program has received another prestigious certification – from the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). The GAP Step 1 Rating for this premium pork line, raised without antibiotics, signifies that the hogs used in its production are socially raised in group housing, without crates or overcrowded conditions.
The Global Animal Partnership is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of farm animals through a step-by-step program that promotes health, productivity, emotional well-being and natural living conditions. As GAP partners, meat and poultry producers earn certification by taking continuous measures to enhance animal welfare. To achieve and maintain GAP certification, partners are audited every 15 months by independent, third-party certifiers to ensure that GAP standards are continuously being met. In addition to these third party audits, Villari audits their family farm suppliers on a regular schedule to assure they are meeting or exceeding the Villari standards.
The Never Ever pork program is backed by the Villari Brothers’ promise that this pork is raised without antibiotics (ever!), has no added hormones, growth promotants or steroids, is fed an all-vegetarian diet and is naturally gluten free. Sired by Duroc hogs, Never Ever pork ranks in the top tier of all U.S. pork for tenderness.
“We share consumers’ concerns for the humane treatment of animals, and we are proud to participate in the GAP program. Our commitment to upholding these high standards helps us provide the wholesome, quality products our customers are looking for,” says Joe Villari, President of Villari Foods.
Villari Brothers’ harvesting and processing facilities are also Animal Welfare Approved, American Humane Certified and Organic Certified. Their producers are Pork Quality Assurance Plus certified, and their haulers are Transport Quality Assurance certified. Villari’s commitment to the environment includes a renewable energy partnership to convert bio-methane gas from their pork production into a sustainable power source for local communities.

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