Never Ever™ Pork Is American Humane Certified

Villari Brothers is proud to announce that their Never Ever™ line of premium pork raised without antibiotics has received Certification from the American Humane Association. This pork comes from Duroc-sired, American Humane Certified hogs raised on local family farms. Never Ever pork is fed an all-vegetarian diet and raised without antibiotics, steroids, hormones or other growth promotants.

“We believe firmly in the humane treatment of the animals that enable to us to offer wholesome, quality products for our customers,” says Joe Villari, President of Villari Foods. “And we’re pleased to receive this certification as evidence of our concern, our diligence and our ongoing commitment to uphold the American Humane Certified program standards.”

Villari Brothers’ production facilities are also Animal Welfare Approved, American Humane Certified, and Organic Certified. Their producers and haulers are Pork Quality Assurance Plus certified, and their haulers are Transport Quality Assurance certified. Their commitment to environmental sustainability includes a renewable energy partnership for the use of biomethane gas.

Villari Brothers recently launched the Never Ever pork line and look forward to expanding distribution of these products in new and existing markets.  “We developed Never Ever as part of our efforts to respond to today’s consumers who care about great taste, health, and nutrition, as well as the freshness of their products, the viability of family farms, and the responsible treatment of animals,” says Joe Villari.  He adds, “We hope people will look for our vintage red truck as symbol of the exceptional products that our family is certain customers will be proud to serve at their family table.”

Villari Brothers is a subsidiary of Villari Foods, which was founded by Joe Villari’s grandfather in 1925 and is still family-owned under the leadership of Joe and his brothers, Sam and Rocco. Headquartered in Warsaw, North Carolina, Villari Foods’ integrated operations include producing and distributing fresh, smoked and processed pork and turkey – including proprietary brands, as well as their own livestock and trucking companies.

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