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Since their founding in 1925, Villari Foods has grown to become a multi-faceted organization. However, they’re still family-owned, and the Villari name still stands for Old World quality and the time-honored traditions of customer satisfaction, attention to every detail, and creating an exceptional experience in the kitchen and around every table.

Currently, the integrated operations of Villari Foods include producing and distributing fresh, smoked and processed pork and turkey – including bulk products and proprietary brands – both domestically and abroad. And all of their product lines can be packed for private label. Villari Foods also has their own livestock and trucking operations, which allows the organization to ensure greater quality control and provide extraordinary customer service. Wholly-owned subsidiaries of Villari Foods include:

  • S&J Villari Livestock
  • The Pork Company
  • Villari Brothers
  • Villari Bros Trucking

S&J Villari Livestock is a livestock procurement, processing and trading company that provides livestock for The Pork Company and sells to other meat producers.

The Pork Company is a pork harvesting and processing operation. They supply fresh products that are further processed, packaged and marketed under Villari Brothers proprietary brands. Bulk products are distributed to retail, foodservice and export markets through The Pork Company. Working with a strong network of suppliers, including local family farms as well as larger operations, enables The Pork Company to continuously meet demands for the diverse product lines offered by the Villari Foods companies.

Villari Brothers

With state-of-the-art facilities for smoked and cured pork and poultry – and for case ready packaging that’s designed for product appeal, Villari Brothers is responsible for further processing and packaging proprietary brands. Branded product lines include Villari Brothers Never EverTM pork, raised without antibiotics, Villari Brothers Smokehouse CraftedTM natural hardwood smoked products, Villari Brothers hardwood smoked sausage, Villari Brothers Fresh pork, and Villari Brothers Organic pork.

Villari Bros Trucking

Villari Bros Trucking is a leader in food product distribution, providing services that range from same-day to long-distance delivery in our fleet of temperature-monitored vehicles. Having our own transport operation helps Villari Foods ensure the prompt, reliable delivery of our company’s products to customers in all sectors, throughout the U.S. They also provide excellent service for other food producers.

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