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Established in 1925, we are a fresh proteins processing company located in Warsaw, NC. We are proud to source and make all of our products in the USA.


We are a 4th generation family owned business and we like to think of our employees as an extension of our family.


Villari Foods works to support our employees in their career objectives. We value hard work, commitment, and a can do attitude!

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Live Haul

Villari Brothers Trucking started in 1977, in Wenonah, New Jersey, in order to expand Villari Brothers business lines and transport livestock from our stockyards to packers. The company started with two drivers, and has now grown to 30 drivers and staff, and is a subsidiary of Villari Food Group.


Fresh Pork

When Villari Food Group opened its doors in 2001, Villari Trucking became an important part of the vertically integrated food processing business, allowing VFG not only to process, but to haul livestock and finished goods, ensuring greater quality control and customer service at every point in the business.


Further Processing

In 2011 VFG began producing value added products and distributing those products through retail, foodservice, and industrial channels, providing an even more critical role for the in-house trucking business of Villari Brothers Trucking.



Today, still operating out of Warsaw, NC, Villari Brothers Trucking helps distribute finished products to more than 35 states and hauls livestock to our processing facilities. We operate a fleet of 25 trucks and with on-site maintenance and repair facilities, we have had a 98% on-time delivery rate. In addition to delivering Villari products, Villari Bros Truckers offers refrigerated transport services for other food producers.


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