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Our Grandpop Sam was an immigrant who came to this country from Sicily in 1911 with nothing but the clothes on his back. He laid the groundwork for what Villari Foods is today, a fourth-generation family owned company that delivers high quality meats to tables across the country.

His story is one that could only have been made possible in America, and we’re proud to carry on his tradition. While a lot has changed in America since 1911, there is one thing that hasn’t: people from all over the world still come here in search of a better life and greater opportunity. And each person, carrying their own different background and heritage is what makes this country great. This Fourth of July, we fire up the grill and raise a glass to the U.S.A – and as Grandpop Sam would say: Saluti!

Villari Foods Through the Years


Sam Villari, just 16 years old, emigrates from Sicily, Italy, with nothing but the clothes on his back and joins his sister and her family in Philadelphia, Pa.


Sam and his brother-in-law open a retail meat store in Phildelphia's 9th Street Italian Market.

From the beginning, Sam took great care to ensure quality for his customers. He would walk more than 40 miles to Lancaster, Pa, buy a steer, walk it back to Philadelphia, and process it behind his store.


A momentous occasion, as Sam is able to buy a used truck. He is often seen in his distinctive, wood-sided truck with the livestock he hand-selected at market.

Future generations of the Villari family would continue to revere Sam's original red truck as a symbol of the company's ongoing dedication to quality products and customers' delight.


The family business, now known as Villari Foods, begins as Sam Villari opens his own meat packing plant (called S. Villari and Sons) in Philadelphia.

From an early age, Sam's sons, John, Peter and Pepe, are often by their father's side learning first-hand about the business.


Sam adds a hog farm in New Jersey and starts trading, buying and selling livestock.


John, Peter, and Pepe Villari (Sam's sons) take over daily operations and continue to build the farm, livestock, and meatpacking business.

Pepe Villari goes on to expand the company's operations, while sharing his knowledge, work ethic and solid values with the next generation of the Villari family.


Two of Pepe's sons (Sam's grandsons), Sam and Joe, start a transportation business known as Villari Brothers Trucking.


Rocco Villari, Pepe's youngest son, joins brothers Sam and Joe in the family business.


The “third generation” Villari brothers, Sam, Joe, and Rocco, have moved the headquarters of Villari Foods to Warsaw, North Carolina, to be near the area's outstanding livestock production capabilities.


Sam, Joe and Rocco purchase a meat processing plant in Micro, N.C., to begin smoked meats operations.


Smoked meats production moves to Warsaw and begins operating under Villari Brothers, the newly-formed, wholly owned subsidiary of Villari Foods.


Villari Brothers smoked meats operations double in capacity.


The Pork Company’s harvesting capacity increases by 40%.


Villari Brothers launches Never EverTM premium pork, raised without antibiotics, and the Smokehouse CraftedTM line of fully cooked smoked chicken and rib products. Plans are underway for the launch of Villari Brothers Organic pork.


Villari Brothers is proud to offer a full line of USDA Certified Organic fresh pork. USDA regulations for organic meat require that animals be raised in living conditions that accommodate their natural behaviors, fed 100% organic feed and forage and not administered antibiotics or hormones.


Villari Foods remains committed to growing and meeting customers' evolving needs, while maintaining the highest standards of quality, food safety, business integrity and customer service.

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